Digna Hiel Good Read – When Nietzsche Wept

Digna Hiel recommended the book When Nietzsche Wept – A Tale of Obsession by Irvin Yalom

The chimes of San Salvatore broke into Josef Breuer’s attention. He tugged his heavy gold watch from his waistcoat pocket. Nine O’Clock. Once again, he read the small silver bordered card he had received the day before.

21 October 1882
Doctor Breuer
I must see you on a matter of great urgency. The future of German philosophy hangs in the balance. Meet me at nine tomorrow morning at  Cafe Sorrento.
Lou Salome’
An impertinent note. Nobody had addressed him so brashly in years. He knew of no Lou Salome. No address on the envelope. No way to tell this person that nine o’clock was not convenient, that Frau Breuer would not be pleased to breakfast alone, that Dr Breuer was on vacation , that “matters of urgency ” had no interest for him – indeed that Dr Breuer had come to Venice to get away from matters of urgency.

Yet here he was , at the Cafe Sorrento, at nine o’clock…..

By golly, delicious intrigue and intellectual curiosity brewed up in the first few paragraphs.

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