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As one who deals with business and personal websites, it is always a pleasure to  find a well designed business website. Such is the case with Michael Sprung Investments. Websites that are 10-15 years old tend to gather barnacles  suggesting age and an old way of doing things.   Not so at Sprung Investment Management:

Yes, this a WordPress website with fast response time with innovative features like  a full slider introducing us to the principal players at Sprung Investments. And each Sprung financial adviser answers a key question about their financial expertise and philosophy. Then there is the 4 points of How We Invest. Now one of the hardest lessons to convey to Web Design clients is the need for their website to communicate to their visitors right up front  on the Home Page their basic mission and goals.

Recently,  a survey was done of over 500  small  to medium scale Toronto businesses, and slightly less than 25% had clear and unambiguous statements of  their mission and goals on their home page. More often one would have to search through Service, About Us or FAQ pages to get a clear notion of their business goals and direction. In contrast, Sprung Investments provides a complete statement of their commitment to Value Investing for their customers. Better still there is a superior resources page  listing the top 24 books on Value Investing.

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