Month: January 2019

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Changes the Political Subject

Bloomberg Businessweek is featuring Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on its cover story for January 21, 2019  because she is shifting the Overton Window, a defining term refers to the range of ideas that are at any given time considered worthy of public discussion. Thanks largely to her, the Overton Window on tax rates has just been moved significantly …

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FireFox Browser’s Good Reads

The FireFox Browser has a set of Good Reads every time you click for a new Tab in the browser like so: Yes, just below the list of  Top Sites, there are  Good Read Cards and by clicking on more recommendations you can find more. The stories, trust me, are indeed Good reads.

Bitcoin on the Loose

There is a roller coaster ride even more treacherous then the current stock market – Bitcoin. And Michael Sprung shines a  light on the sparkling currency. First the Economist gives the market details: On December 17th, 2017 the price of bitcoin on CoinMarketCap, a cryptocurrency exchange, neared $20,000. True believers hoped that was just the …

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