Humber River Valley Fall Colors

The Humber River Valley follows a narrow ravine on the West End of Toronto. Every Fall, Pacific Chinook  salmon leave the cold waters of the Great Lakes and return to tributary streams like the Humber to spawn in the gravel beds which line the river valley. Why Pacific Chinook Salmon? Learn more here. Roughly at the same time, the Gulf of Mexico sends north rainy weather as  either Hurricane remnants  like the recent  Harvey and Patricia  or just nasty Gulf Thunderstorms  to drench Southwestern Ontario and the Humber River Ravine. The result is dazzling Fall vistas:

Of course that spells opportunity for photographers. Because a coating of rain on the Fall  landscape is like a glaze of glossy vivid vibrancy covering the  foliage found in the ravine. As one moves down river  the valley spreads out with the trees and foliage changing  to a wider selection of species and colors:


While the Humber wends its the way towards Lake Ontario, there are florals , exotic bushes and incandescent Fall visions  lighting up the river shoreline.

As a result the the Humber River Valley is a special delight every Fall with so much color vitality to  revive one spirits.

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