Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Changes the Political Subject

Bloomberg Businessweek is featuring Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on its cover story for January 21, 2019  because she is shifting the Overton Window, a defining term refers to the range of ideas that are at any given time considered worthy of public discussion. Thanks largely to her, the Overton Window on tax rates has just been moved significantly to the left.

This is significant because since the Ronald Reagan’s Presidency  the Conservative Right has owned and operated the Overton Window regarding taxes, deficits, and associated economic policy. Now symbolic of  the dramatic  Democratic victory in  the Midterm elections  this change marks the real shift in political power in the US government. Simply put, the new Democrat voice for Progressive/Left ideas are starting to take hold in Washington D.C.

Facing the utter collapse and failure of the Republican party to modulate the grifter and self-aggrandizing tendencies of President Trump, Democrats now have much more leeway in advancing progressive ideas such as Medicare for All and free basic college education  . Even NYTimes economist and columnist Paul Krugman, who opposed Bernie Sanders  for being too progressive,  has changed his tune in favor of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – “I have no idea how well Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will perform as a member of Congress. But her election is already serving a valuable purpose. You see, the mere thought of having a young, articulate, telegenic nonwhite woman serve is driving many on the right mad — and in their madness they’re inadvertently revealing their true selves.

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