Mass Vendors of Misinformation

As a Web Developer the Internet has exploded so fast it has almost seemed out of control. – keeping up with changing technologies and fending off the Hacker Hoards is a full time task. So it was eye-opening to see two Ted Talks  which advance that very argument – the Web is exploding out of Social Control with chilling certitude:

This lecture shows the near defiance of Facebook to any accountability for its actions. Not just Facebook, but also, Google, Twitter and other Internet players:

  1. Do not want to give up the substantial revenue streams associated with  uncensored paid-for postings
  2. Have promised to do something about their problem  with negligible results
  3. Under duress, Silicon Valley have recruited  thousands of low paid screeners with shifting rules and guidelines
  4. Continue to sell their Big Data resources on what their users do and prefer to the highest bidder.

The next lecture shows a Major Misinformation Player, Russia, and the vital role Silicon Valley plays in its success at suberversion.

Is it any wonder that China and Russia have the greatest control over their Media and the Internet? China is seen as becoming a completely separate Internet. So now the Internet High Seas is not only filled with Hackers and Exploiters but it has also become the frontlines of Cyberwarfare and Disruptive Propaganda. Such a “wise” profession to choose.

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