The Democracy Divide

Democracy Decline and Division

Two essays in the NYTimes draw from the same two themes of the era.

First, there has been a steady worldwide decline in  trust and confidence in public institutions. The decline in trust spreads across business, media and even NGO Agencies. But  the drop in public trust has been most precipitate in Ameerican Federal Politics. Tracked by Pew Research and backed by Edelman, there has been a steady deterioration in public confidence in USA federal politics from 75% approval  under President Kennedy+Johnson to 18% approval during Trump’s first 2 years in office.

And why not? In the last 20 years alone, 2 Presidents[George W. Bush and Donald Trump] have been elected despite losing the popular ballot by more than half a million votes; elementary gun control measures held in abeyance by a small executive within the NRA  lobby that ignores the expressed support for basic gun limits of the  majority of NRA membership; the failure of the Obama administration to prosecute any of the Wall Street executives responsible for the worst recession of the past 50 years; Climate Change control being held up by a 3-6% minority of dissenting scientists plus a potent and super wealthy lobby coalition supporting President Trumps persistent denial of climate change.

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