Overview of WordPress Editing on UWOMBA78.ca

You will quickly discover as you create and edit your posts on the website that it is very similar to editing an email or creating and editing a Microsoft Word document.  The trick in this case will be 3 added must do steps:

  1. Be sure to choose what category your post belongs to
  2. Learn how to preview your post while working
  3. Publish/update as your final step.

Just below there will be a series of detailed illustrations on how to login into UWOMBA78.ca, how to create a post, how to add images and video to your posts, and how to do advanced edits. But what we want to do immediately is show you how the special edition of WordPress for UWOMBA78 will look on entry:

In addition there will two DIY-Do It Yourself sections – Videos which explain explain editing and working in  WordPress. A list of Resources files to find out more about working in WordPress and sources for free images, videos, and how to embed documents like PDF, Excel, and other files into you posts. Hopefully these resources will make it simple to onboard on the website.


In the video section, we have found some excellent intros  about working with the the WordPress Editor. If you want to latest intro – this video is geared to getting you well started.

Resources on WordPress

WordPress website – where WordPress used here was downloaded including the theme

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